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Can We Lose the Term Cross-Dressing?

Let’s get away from sports, music, and film for a moment. These two stories have caught my eye recently. This one,, is about the uproar over the boy with pink toenails in a J Crew ad. And this one, … Continue reading

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More Loose Thoughts on the NBA Finals

I’m very happy for the Dallas Mavericks.  As a fan of most teams based in Chicago, I find it very easily to project hope onto any team that has struggled to win the big one.  Such teams make excellent surrogate … Continue reading

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If The Mavericks Win…

If The Mavericks Win… It’s far from certain that the Dallas Mavericks will win the 2011 NBA title, but if they do, their win will change the tenor of this offseason dramatically. I say its far from certain as teams … Continue reading

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Archives: At the Daily on Burrata and Viva Riva! & At The Root on Black Yogis

At The Daily on the stellar film Viva Riva! At The Daily on American Burrata: At The Root on 11 Black Yogis:                          

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