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Revisiting a Classic: Cecil Taylor’s “D Trad, That’s What”

I’m not one of the people for whom free jazz was an acquired taste; I liked it all along. I think timing had a lot to do with it.  I first came upon free jazz recordings in my teens in … Continue reading

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Cinema: Ted

When I told friends that I was eager to see the movie Ted this week, they responded with puzzled looks.  “You mean the movie about the talking teddy bear,” they usually asked with their expressions looking as if they were … Continue reading

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Books: Love Goes to Buildings on Fire by Will Hermes

This is a book review that wishes it was feature story.  The subject is Love Goes to Buildings on Fire, no not the Talking Heads song (it was their first single) but the terrific, relatively new book by Will Hermes.  … Continue reading

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Theo Epstein’s First Defining Moment in Chicago

I went to Citifield with some friends for the Cubs-Mets game on Friday, and for the Mets fans in the group, the Cubs were largely off of their radar. “Rebuilding year, eh?” asked one of my buddies.  I told him … Continue reading

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Sports: Nash to the Lakers

I’ve been surprised by the banner headline level attention give to the trade of Phoenix Suns point guard to the Los Angeles Lakers.  On the one hand, it shows that even in middle age, I’m prone to naivete; the pairing … Continue reading

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Cinema: Take This Waltz

Sarah Polley first captured my attention 15 years ago in Atom Egoyan’s searing melodrama, The Sweet Hereafter.  I was first captivated by the nuance she brought to the role of a paralyzed teenager; then I was intrigued as I followed … Continue reading

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