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Archives: At WSJ on Maya Beiser’s Uncovered

A fun review to research, especially all that original/cover side by side listening, and fun to write, even though I was distracted with other projects.  And as I say in the piece, it’s a really good recording. Music A … Continue reading

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Archives: At WSJ on Barrel Aged Beer

It’s a little counterintuitive, but this story began while I was researching a story on local gypsy brewers.  I was at the Other Half’s brewery, which had been up and running for barely a week at that point, so it … Continue reading

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Oh, The Joys of Being Refused Service

Yeah, I didn’t think THAT happened anymore. I run the cheese, cured meats and beer program for an upscale retail market and cafe on the Upper West Side called Gastronomie 491.  My boss loves the Buon Italia bresaola, and suggested … Continue reading

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The Saggy Jeans Situation

It came to my attention a few weeks ago (and yikes, it’s been nearly two months!) that the town of Pikeville Tennessee passed an ordinance fining young men who wear their jeans very low sung, typically below their glutes, thereby … Continue reading

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Archives: At WSJ on the new recordings by Freda Payne and Kellylee Evans

The story is here, This was a fun piece to write as neither of these records are ones that I would been likely to listen closely to unless I was searching for story prospects.  When I discovered that two … Continue reading

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