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Bullish 11.29.16

Bullish: Analytics? The Chicago Bulls aren’t usually the sort of team where you need to parse the narrative; in most cases the headline and lede will do. In the early ‘70s, they won with such a bruising defense that opponents … Continue reading

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These Bulls Are Not a Fluke

The Bulls:  More Than a Surprise A fifth of the way into the 2016-17 NBA season it’s fair to say that the Chicago Bulls are one of the surprise teams of the Association.  The issue now moves to whether their … Continue reading

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At WSJ on the Mary Halvorson Octet and Taylor Ho Bynum’s PlusTet

‘Enter the PlusTet’ and ‘Away With You’ Reviews: Making Space for Large Ensembles Two recordings offer new sounds coming from bigger bands. ENLARGE Guitarist Mary Halvorson plays on ‘Enter the PlusTet’ by Taylor Ho Bynum and ‘Away With You’ by … Continue reading

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At The Root on the 25th Anniversary of Daughters of the Dust

Daughters of the Dust is one of the best films of the ’90s.  Directed by Julie Dash, it broke new ground esthetically and racially (it was the first feature film directed by an African American woman) then it disappeared.  It’s … Continue reading

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