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Life on Aisle 2: This is What Plan C Looks Like. Episode 14 My Body My Self

Ah, the vagaries of aging, resisting it, and toxic workplaces.  All of it contained here. Yes, at Medium View at Medium.com

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The Do Over 04: Goals

The Do Over 04: Goals Is 56 the new 26?  It seems that way for me as my current professional and existential quandaries mirror the ones I faced 30 years ago.  These posts are a series of ponderings trying parse … Continue reading

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After the attacks, residents of lower Manhattan (maybe everyone, but I live in the East Village) started taking inventory.  Not of our figurative stockrooms but of our friends and acquaintances.  How could you not?  It seemed like every business in … Continue reading

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The Do Over Chronicles #01

So who knew?  56 really is the new 26. This revelation occurred to me a few weeks ago when I noticed my confidence suddenly increasing.  I couldn’t fathom the reasons for my brighter outlook.  The rather urgent financial, professional and … Continue reading

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