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Cinema: Jafar Panahi’s This is Not A Film

Jafar Panahi’s new movie is not a film; the title says so, and if that doesn’t add up, let me start the story there. Panahi, a protege of the great Persian director Abbas Kiarostami, is one of Iran’s leading filmmakers.  … Continue reading

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The Greatest Basketball Season Ever

When I chat with my fellow basketball addicts, I often use the construction “the tyranny of TV.”  My pals understand it to mean the overwhelming need of televised sportscasts to have well, footage and structure–a star and a familiar narrative.  … Continue reading

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The Dirty Little Secret About the Jeremy Lin era Knicks

Think about the New York Knicks for a second and besides that couch surfing/Harvard grad point guard, you will probably think of offense.  Forwards Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire are two of the best in the game.  Coach Mike D’Antoni … Continue reading

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Rainbows 02.20.12

Unnecessary stat of the week: I saw on a tweet today, I don’t remember from whom, noting that Tim Duncan has double-doubles in nearly two thirds of his career games.  Uh, so?  There are about 15 better ways to note … Continue reading

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Here They Come Again

While the New York Knicks were in the midst of the most ballyhooed seven game winning streak in the history of the NBA, a far more significant run was going on far away from the bright lights in Texas.  No, … Continue reading

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Taking the Bulls By The Numbers: The Whiny Edition

The Chicago Bulls are 25-7, their point differential says their record could be even better, and they’ve played 20 of their 32 games on the road.  Their opening day starting two guard has played in only 11 of their games … Continue reading

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It’s a Basketball Team, Not a TV Show

That title bears repeating but with more specifics.  The New York Knicks are a basketball team, not a season of The Wire. I’d like to think that would be obvious; Amare Stoudemire is a lot taller than even Lt. Cedric … Continue reading

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